Monitoring Services Provided by CA

Monitoring Services Provided by Competitive Assets

Competitive Assets offers a variety of monitoring services to help Market Participants (MPs) keep up with the industry broadly and Texas governing bodies specifically.

ERCOT Monitoring

The ERCOT Monitoring Report includes quick Highlights and longer reports for meetings of the following ERCOT groups:

  •     Board of Directors
  •     Technical Advisory Committee
  •     Commercial Operations Subcommittee
  •     Wholesale Market Subcommittee
  •     Retail Market Subcommittee

In addition, from time to time some of the above groups do not meet in a given month, in which case we strive to choose another ERCOT discussion of broad interest to report on that month.   This might include the Credit Working Group, the Demand Response Working Group, Regional Planning Group, or a group working on Ancillary Services, for example.

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PUCT Monitoring

The Texas Electric Policy News (TEPN) covers issues mainly at the PUCT, and with particular emphasis on decision making Open Meetings and rulemakings. We strive to send out the reports on the PUCT Open Meetings no later than the afternoon of the day the meeting was held.  The TEPN also includes notices of significant daily filings made at the PUCT, sent to your inbox for each day that the PUCT was open to accept filings from the public. Subscribers to this service also get email alerts when other major events of interest occur so that they get these most timely.

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Legislature and Big Picture Monitoring

Texas Electric Watch (TEW) covers big pictures issues that have a broad impact on the market and are often being considered simultaneously at the PUCT, ERCOT, and the Legislature. When the Texas Legislature is in session, it covers many of the important hearings on electric issues.

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ERCOT Region Rate Monitoring

We follow the rates for all 7 Transmission and Distribution Utilities (TDUs) in ERCOT. Subscribers may purchase rates for all TDUs or only some.

  • ERCOT TDU Rate Updates

We make spreadsheet tables listing rates by customer type and rate category for each TDU. Some of these rates may change at odd times, but we send out all the current rates at the beginning of each month, with a look-ahead as to which rates are expected to go into effect or be approved in the near future.  We also send out a mid-month update on any rate changes since the update sent out at the first of the month.

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Topic-oriented Monitoring

We offer specialized monitoring for specific customers who are interested in having in-depth coverage of what is going on with certain topics in the industry in Texas. This can include monitoring certain meetings at the PUCT or ERCOT or the Legislature that we would not otherwise be monitoring; or, it can include research into what is happening in a certain area of the market, such as with the implementation of cutting-edge technologies or strategies.