Consulting Services Provided by CA

Consulting Services Provided by Competitive Assets

Competitive Assets offers a variety of consulting services tailored to meet client needs. Amongst others, the topic include:

Cost Allocation and Rate Design

We offer assistance in cost allocation and rate design, performing anything from support services for other expert witnesses to the complete effort including expert witness testimony. We have extensive experience in this area, and our associates are highly respected in this field.

To request the credentials of our key cost allocation and rate design associate, and to get discuss possible engagement, click here. Please provide information about the project if you want us to give you a pricing, so we can determine any conflicts of interest.

Texas Retail Electric Provider (REP) certification

Competitive Assets is the go-to group for assistance in REP certification in Texas. We have assisted over 25 REPs in requesting and completing certification.  No one does this better than we do.

Texas Aggregator certification

We offer assistance and filing services for persons/companies wishing to become an Aggregator. We can help you decide if it would be better for you to be an aggregator or an REP.

REP audits

Competitive Assets can provide assistance for PUCT REP audits, and also can perform an independent audits for REPs so that they are maximally compliant with PUCT rules before or between audits from the PUCT.

Research/Special Reports

We are available to perform research on your topic of choice and provide a report on our findings. In addition, we may independently publish a special report on a hot topic of the day.

Marketing Compliance Reviews

If you need to determine whether a specific marketing program or strategy complies with PUCT rules, we can give you a thorough evaluation. Also, many aspects of market programs are not necessarily addressed in the rules, and we are able to provide insight into how the PUCT may view the activity, and advise on how best to approach your objectives behind your marketing strategy.

Business Strategic Assistance

We help clients with their business strategy vis a vis other market participants who are current or potential competitors. In addition, we help them assess how they may be perceived by the governing entities and assist in developing a favorable impression of the client in the minds of these entities.  We can assist in developing comments for PUCT rulemakings of interest to our clients, and comments to proposed revision requests for ERCOT Protocols.  Availability for representation at public meetings is at the discretion of each individual Competitive Assets associate.

Professional Training Support

At times market participants have staff turnover that requires training in how the ERCOT market works and what the PUCT Rules and ERCOT Protocols are in certain areas. We can develop a training program to meet your needs.

Timelines and Event Alerts

We develop timelines for various activities happening at ERCOT and the PUCT, and can provide these to help our clients plan for the implementation of their business strategy, or to help them participate in these activities, such as PUCT rulemakings, testing for ERCOT market qualification, or when filings of different kinds are due for REP clients. We also offer an alert service that notifies market participants of important events as they arise.  These alerts include such events and planned legislative meetings, Commissioner appointments, and the forwarding of notices from ERCOT and the PUCT to help the client be sure these were not overlooked (as they are frequent, particularly from ERCOT).

If you are interested in any of these services, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151.